Advanced Mac checks


The UPDD driver is configured to support a number of USB or serial devices.


When a USB device is configured in our driver we specify the USB vendor and product id along with the USB interface and end point used to deliver the touch data to the driver.


For each configured USB device this information is stored in the both the UPDD settings file and the UPDD kernel extension file /System/Library/Extensions/tbupddmxhid.kext.  This effectively registers our driver as the handler for the devices defined in the file.


If our UPDD Console does not list the device in the device list there are a number of steps to check:


1.       That we have correctly defined the vendor and product id in the controller definition.  This can be seen in the UPDD settings file /Library/Preferences/tbupdd.ini.

2.       That the device is seen by the system as listed in the system profiler and that the vendor and product id are that as expected by the driver.

3.       That the UPDD Kext is in place:

4.       and contains the correct vendor and product id definitions, via command or view the file

sudo defaults read /System/Library/Extensions/tbupddmxhid.kext/Contents/Info.plist IOKitPersonalities | egrep -i "(idproduct|idvendor)" -A 1