Instructions for updating a device in Device Manager to use UPDD.


First and foremost the UPDD driver must be configured to support the device in question and have been installed on the system via the setup.exe.


Locate the device in the Device Manager, right click and select update:


For non-HID devices or ones being handled by a 3rd party driver the entry to be updated is in the Mice and other pointer device tree



For devices being handled by the HID driver the entry to be updated is in the Human Interface Devices.  You need to locate the device in the list of devices (right click, properties) and update the correct entry.  There will also be a related entry in Mice and other pointer devices but this should not be updated (it will reflect the update once it is complete)



This invokes the hardware wizard



Select that you do not want to connect to Windows Update and hit Next



Select Install from a list or specific location:



Select ‘Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.



Select the required UPDD driver from the list. If the driver HAS NOT been digitally signed for the controller in use then the system will warn you that the driver is not signed:



Select ‘Continue Anyway’.  The driver will be installed and the final screen shown:



Select Finish to close the wizard.


The Device Manager will now show the correct driver: