Custom UPDD driver download

This page can be used to create a custom driver with information automatically gathered from your system or manually requested. If you already have a UPDD V6 driver license on your system the license will be retained, otherwise a trial version of the driver will be installed.

Automatic Identification

To identify the touch device connected to your system download and run the USB device identification utility for Windows >7 or MacOS >10.8 systems.

The utility will identify any known USB touch devices found on your system or allow you to select the USB touch device from the full list of USB devices. Once selected you will be emailed a link to the trial driver. This procedure is described in full here.

Manual Identification

For all UPDD supported operating systems (Windows XP & >7, MacOS, Linux, Android, Win CE) use this section to request a USB or Serial driver.

For UPDD V6 supported operating systems and an identified device you will be automatically emailed a link to the trial driver.

In all other cases you will be contacted separately, either sent UPDD V5 (Win CE, early MacOS) or asked for more details.

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