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Licensed software as distributed under 3rd party license agreement

This page is used to distribute licensed software for 3M Touch Systems.
Licensed software is only available for the Operating Systems listed.

Version 4.1.10 is for OS Mac 10.4 and 10.5.
Version 5.x.x is for Mac OS 10.6 thru 10.12. 
Version 6.0.x is for Mac OS 10.8 and above and supports the 3M HID compatible hardware, see below.



V6 Supported touch controllers

3M Touch Systems, ChassisTouch 430, Serial
3M Touch Systems, DST, Serial
3M Touch Systems, EXII, Serial
3M Touch Systems, EXII, USB
3M Touch Systems, HID, USB
(supports all 3M HID devices with the USB product id range of 3 to 600)
3M Touch Systems, MT510, Serial
3M Touch Systems, SC3, Serial
3M Touch Systems, SC4, Serial
3M Touch Systems, SC4, USB
3M Touch Systems, SC400/500/800, Serial



A complete set of UPDD V6 documentation is available on our web site with links to specific driver installs.

Current software releases

The software held in the OEM links above may not always be the very latest software but will reflect the latest being shipped for the Client.

The latest UPDD driver and utility software releases are shown here.