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Hi there.  The page you requested was not found on this website. We have recently updated our website to cater for our new V6 UPDD driver software.   If you have arrived here via a bookmarked link to our old site, please update your bookmark accordingly to the relevant page on this new site.  Thank you.

UPDD V5 has been superseded by UPDD V6 and all V5 webpage links are directed to this new site.

V5 has not been developed since 2015 and is becoming more obsolete as time passes. V5 will not, for example, work in most recent MacOS releases.

This new Touch-Base web site allows you to download the V6 driver and has links to the V6 knowledge base and documentation. You can also contact us via the new contact form.

If need be you can reference the old V5 web site here but we highly recommend that if you are using V5 you consider upgrading to V6.